5 Tips to Follow While Buying a New Car

download (50)Buying a new car can be quite overwhelming at times and it requires a lot of effort. A car should be seen as an investment rather than a simple purchase. This is because its value can depreciate over time and if you want to sell it at a profit it will be beneficial to you. Almost everyone these days buys a car by using a loan and thus there is a lot of financial commitment involved. Some helpful tips to be followed while buying a car are as follows.

1. You must be informed

Always do your research and be as informed as possible. This is because there are many dealers and sellers who will try to make unwarranted demands. Thus use the internet and reach all those automobile magazines to gain more knowledge and information. Let your salesperson know what you require from your car.

2. Don’t go alone

Take someone along with you who has enough knowledge on cars and will be able to help you. Someone can also be helpful for a second opinion if at all such a situation arises.

3. Decide and stick to a budget

There is always a cap on your purchases. This cap is called as a budget. Thus always stick to the budget and make sure that you don’t cross it. This will help you to save money as you will not be crossing your affordability. This also means that you must decide on the EMI that you can afford each and every month.

4. Don’t talk about money

Don’t straight away start discussing your ability to pay. This is because most of the sales people like a challenge and they will fancy all their chances to make a sale that is above your affordability. Thus do everything secretly and if you have a car that you want to sell visit a few dealers to get the actual valuation of your car.

5. The salesperson is not your friend

You must remember that no matter how charming and harmless he seems, he is not your friend. He is just trying to make a sale and wants you to spend your money on his showroom. If you feel that the sales person is not making your feel comfortable, you can always ask for a sales manager. However even the manager should not be taken as a friend. It is one of the important things to remember.