download (58)To some people, cars are more a necessity than a luxury. It is something more than a mere transportation. If you possess an automobile, you can save your time and money. Travelling with your own car is quite a fun and you can enjoy your trip in a hassle-free manner. You can go out whenever you want. But, as you purchase a vehicle, greater responsibilities also lie to you. You have to take care of your automobile and also have to maintain it by servicing on a regular basis. If you hire a chauffeur, then you have to pay him well.

On the other hand, when your car gets old or junk and when it becomes unserviceable, it becomes useless. That time you can think of buying a new automobile in exchange of the old one. But, if your vehicle is not in a good condition, then it will be quite hard to find a potential customer for it.

Vehicles become unusable for certain reasons. Cabs, which are more than ten years old can create many problems while travelling. They need servicing and repairing almost every week. The cars which are damaged in any accident or the cabs, which have got some irreclaimable dents or scratches can also be considered as worthless and unwanted vehicles.

There was a time when people had to throw their scrap cars in the junkyard. But time has changed and today, you can find several companies who can offer you a good deal of cash for cars.

But certain conditions are applicable there. These services don’t take all kinds of useless cabs. They generally check out the license or the valid authorization of the automobile and also evaluate its current condition.

You can think that what these services do after they take the scrap cars. They disassemble the dilapidated fiacres in order to take out the scrap metals from the spare parts. This is a part of the automobile recycling procedure which helps to keep the environment clean and also plays a significant role in social responsibility.

Most of these companies have their own websites, through which you can contact them. You can call up their number or can send email to them. You can also assess their quality and can also check out their previous success.

Certain benefits of hiring the cash for cars services are –

Time, money and effort saving

You don’t have to go out and sell your vehicle. They will send vans to take your car from your home. You don’t have to make extra expenses of transportation.

Keeping the atmosphere tidy

The dirt and dust of a useless cab are harmful for the residents. Selling the vehicle can help to make the ambience cleaner.

download (57)The first tip is to never buy on the first trip to the dealership. Many prefer haggle free car buying, but it is practically impossible if one wants to get a good deal. There is no shame in finding the lowest, best deal before signing as it’s near impossible to get out of it afterwards. Be aware that many dealerships are okay with matching prices as well, so taking a day or so to shop around is smart.


For the most haggle free car buying experience, do some research. Anyone that walks in with actual car facts, pricing and even quotes will find that there will be little to no dispute at the offer presented. This basically shows them that they can’t mark the vehicle up too much and ensures the very best deal on buyer’s terms. Just be sure any car facts have all the options included to be safe.

Many are surprised at how much easier it is to obtain the vehicle they desire when they are well prepared. The salesman or woman is just doing their job, but they will want the buyer to be a bit distracted or excited, not to mention unprepared so they can make some more money, and undoubtedly the experience won’t be haggle free car buying, it’ll be all haggling which let’s be honest is very frustrating.

Here’s some pertinent information to gather before heading to the car lot; the more the better.

• A current credit report and score
• New car values from online sites
• Car loan pre-approval letter
• A smartphone, laptop or other device to look up information
• Insurance quotes
• Trade-in value as well as fair market value
• Extended warranty quotes if desired

Remember to keep eyes on the prize. Start by checking out the MSRP sticker which should be on every vehicle by law. All the information needed should be on this sticker. Not every car has every option, so make notes of what they have and don’t have. The salesperson will try to get buyers from leaving without making a deal, but anyone that wants the closest to no haggle car sales should walk out and come back later even better prepared, even if it’s the next day.

After leaving, it’s time to shop around for comparable deals. Be sure to tell each salesperson met that’s what is happening. Also, make sure they know there will be no purchase today. This will hopefully keep them from putting on the pressure. Even telling them a no haggle car sale is the goal may work. However, be aware of some of the offers to keep buyers there. They’ll offer no money down, throw out big figure savings, and ask what will make them buy today. This gives the illusion they are willing to do anything. Just say no! If they’re honest salesmen they’ll have nothing to worry about and believe it or not, there are dealerships that have no issue making great deals and being patient.

Final Thoughts

With the information necessary on the make, model and various options on the vehicle of the buyer’s desire they will be well prepared to have a no haggle car sales experience because it’s near impossible to argue with the facts. With the right research, one can see exactly what others have paid for their dream vehicle recently and in their area.


images (18)Experts advise at buying used, not just to save money but because cars today are built to last unlike they were prior to the 1980’s. Of course, there are still some precautions to take as used cars are only as good as their previous owner. Plus, doing a bit of research will ensure one doesn’t end up with a lemon.

Depreciation? Not an Issue

As stated before, a new car depreciates the moment it leaves the lot, and that’s at a whopping 20 percent. They also may lose up to 10 percent more in the first year. So if the car was originally $40,000, it would lose around $12,000 loss in the first year.

How can one buy and avoid that loss? It’s simple, buy a car that is about a year old. While hard to come by, they are definitely not impossible to find. If that’s too difficult, two or three years old is still a great deal. This is because the depreciation comes to a halt in the second year and then picks up again around five years old; so there is that sweet spot in there that buyers should look for.

Cut Registration Fees

One thing many don’t realize is that the fee that is charged to register any vehicle is solely based on the price it’s purchased for. So, when one buys used they can avoid any increases from the state of purchase.

Keep Insurance Low

Insurance will always be lower on a lower priced car, another reason going for used cars is smart. Not to mention, once vehicles hit a certain age there is no reason to carry extras on insurance which typically boost the cost.

Shop Smart

Just think of all the extras available when buying used cars. This is yet another benefit in the entire process. Everyone would love having a classy, luxury vehicle but definitely the average buyer would have trouble affording one brand new. No one will even be the wiser if a luxury car is a couple years old; car designers are sticking to very similar designs.

Plus, when one drives a used car until it will drive no more they are getting the most for their money. Cars built in the last 30 years are good to go for up to 200,000 miles whereas the old adage was to sell or trade in by 100,000.

In short, no longer is buying used cars buying someone else’s problems as was so long believed. There are sites that do the research so that buyers will know all they need to in order to ensure the vehicle they are checking out is good. This means no accidents and free and clear as far as the title.

Further, one can now get a certified, pre-owned car that has undergone major checks in order to ensure they’re a great buy. The best part about certified pre-owned used cars is that they come with all the benefits of a new vehicle. This includes stellar warranties and amazing interest rates. They are definitely worth the investment.

Aligning with the best dealerships and assistants when it comes to buying used cars, and doing some research means that one will obtain a gently used vehicle that will last for many years and give reliable transportation.


images (19)If you are looking to buy a car for a strictly functional purpose and not as an investment, a used car is the right choice. Why?

One of the reasons why more people are buying used cars is the freedom from the worry of that first parking-lot dent or the fading sheen of its doors. You simply have to drive the car you bought and not worry about its depreciation like you would have to if it was a new car. You can buy used cars from two sources primarily:

1. Certified dealers

2. Private party

Private Deal isn’t always a Good One

A private party could be anyone from a family member to a colleague to a person you ran into on the street. It means anyone who wants to sell their car. You may think of choosing to go this way to save a few bucks because buying a used car from a private party is cheaper than buying it from a certified dealer.

But, buying from a private party does not guarantee a trouble-free experience. It involves too much risk because of the following reasons:

  • You may end up with a stolen car.
  • The warranty, if you’re given any, may not really be as assuring as offered by a certified dealer.
  • The odometer may not really show the exact number of miles the car has traveled.

Trust and Safety

The least you deserve when you pay with your money is good product and peace of mind regarding the purchase.

A certified dealer, apart from being a trustworthy option to buy your car, will often give you great deals on roadside assistance and maintenance. He will also provide you with an extension in the warranty. Safety is a priority with dealers. If the car you buy from them is in need of a new part, they will help you to replace it with only genuine parts.

Smart Buy

It does not mean that you need not be cautious while walking into a certified dealer’s lot. A dealer is running a business, so to cater to as many customers as possible; he may try to rush your decision. And, he may pressure you into buying a car that you do not really want to buy. You need to remember that the buying power rests with you. And, you should only buy a car that you like.

In going to a certified dealer, the biggest risk is getting a car you did not really want. You can avoid the risk by being aware of your options and having an estimate ready in your mind. If you know exactly how much money you want to spend on a car, the purchase becomes easy.


You can always refer to NADA Guides and Kelley Blue Book in order to get the right price for a used car in your area along with other information for any model that you want to buy. Researching on your own before you walk into a dealership is never a bad idea.

If you go into the dealership already aware of the expected warranty and cost of the used car model you want to buy, you cannot make a wrong decision. Choose a certified dealer, work out the specifics, and you will have a car which will last a long time in your care.